Medical Records Management by SIP: Global Player for your Health

Medical Records Management by SIP: Global Player for your Health

Do you operate internationally as a global citizen and would like to take advantage of top-quality medicine for your health worldwide, safely and precisely? The SIP Medical Records Management offers you the best basis for this. We not only manage all medical records for our clients. For acute and future medical treatments and interventions, your teams of doctors worldwide are quickly and comprehensively up to date with your personal medical history at the decisive moment.

Worldwide and structured access to your medical records

With the Medical Records Management service from SIP Medical Family Office, you provide doctors worldwide, wherever they are, with a decisive overview of the success of their treatment. Because clearly and well structured, all relevant and sometimes life-saving information about you is available for your acute medical care. Instead of time-consuming research and communication problems, you and your practitioners can concentrate fully on your health and recovery. Because nothing is more reassuring in such moments than to know that you are in the best informed and therefore highly competent hands.

Made for Global Citizens: Medical Records Management by SIP

Imagine: You have lived in China and Russia, either professionally or privately, and have already received medical care there. In France, you have had your hip straightened. For another operation you later choose specialists in the USA. If you move globally, you often have medical records from all over the world and consequently in different languages. There is always a follow-up treatment or a medical intervention such as an operation. Chronic diseases need to be treated consistently and according to the latest findings. Or even an emergency occurs. Then it becomes difficult for the acutely treating physicians to quickly access the medical records that are important for them and to quickly understand their contents.

Before operations and in emergencies: Quick overview in critical situations

This is why SIP collects all medical records from your various doctors for its internationally mobile clients from all over the world. If necessary, the collected documents are translated. Experienced physicians of the SIP network take a close look at your medical history. This results in a clear and transparent review for all doctors who will treat you in the future. As a management summary, the most important information is summarized on one page.

The advantages are obvious: No time is lost in the event of a case, because your medical history is quickly available. Your personal Medical Record gives you the greatest possible security in your medical care worldwide. Your medical record is available quickly and comprehensively. Our translations help you to understand them quickly. The knowledge of previous illnesses or already performed, relevant interventions prevents misunderstandings. Not only is there a considerably lower risk of wrong medication and incorrect treatment. The waiting time for an urgently needed medical intervention can also be shortened considerably.

Highest standards of data protection for your sensitive health data

Also, good to know: SIP Medical Family Office centrally stores, organizes and manages all your medical records under the highest security and data protection standards in Switzerland. Even after a medical treatment you will benefit from the SIP Medical Records Management. You will always have your well documented medical history in your hands when dealing with your various insurance companies. The crystal-clear evidence saves justifications and thus a lot of effort for both sides when billing treatment costs.

For global citizens like our clients, the most important thing is to gain rapid access to the best possible medical services worldwide. The Medical Records Management service opens up these fast ways to high-quality and comprehensive care. In this way, your medical record considerably simplifies and accelerates the application and approval procedures for treatments that require advance approval. You receive faster and more reliable confirmation of cost coverage, for example for operations planned in advance, ongoing treatments or physiotherapy cycles and rehabilitation plans.

In an emergency: Relief for relatives through Medical Records Management from SIP

With your always up-to-date and transparent medical record, you can reliably make use of your respective insurance coverage even in difficult and life-threatening situations. In an emergency, in which you may not be able to contact the insurance company yourself within the prescribed period, the Medical Report considerably relieves the burden on your relatives or the treating medical institution. This is because insurance companies usually require a full report, which is supplemented by the patient’s medical records, the diagnosis of the illness and the treatment and/or rehabilitation plan, including an estimate of costs.

With Medical Records Management from SIP Medical Family Office, you can also save a lot of time and bureaucratic detours in the more everyday “pay and claim” procedure. For most routine outpatient visits, laboratory tests, occasional consultations, you first pay the treatment costs yourself and submit them to the insurance company for reimbursement. With SIP’s Medical Records Management, which can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world, you can quickly submit all diagnosis and medical reports for each treatment.

Continuous updating of your medical history 
SIP offers you as a Global Citizen two plans for your personal Medical Records Management. One is the careful management of your medical records. This allows you to retrieve your medical records in a short time and gives you worldwide access to your medical history. At SIP, all your critical health data is subject to centralized secure storage. Where necessary, we arrange for the translation of documents. We not only store your structured file, but also constantly update your medical history.

The evaluation and structuring of your complete medical history in one-pager Medical History Summary is a further service. In addition to necessary translations, the focus here is on a compact overview for every attending physician. Your personal Medical Record is now enriched by the summary of your complete medical history on one page. This is done by an experienced senior physician. This medical report also lists all your medical risk factors including side effects of medication.

SIP Medical Family Office – First Class for your health

The Medical Records Management of SIP is a fundamental component for you to protect your health around the globe. It is an integral part of our SIP Medical Family Office, alongside Privileged Health Care and Preventive Medicine. As the world’s leading independent consultants for international health insurance and health management, our team of dedicated medical and insurance experts ensures that you have that decisive extra bit of security and comfort – for the well-being of you and your family.