In 1997 the founder of the SIP Medical Family Office® experienced the difficulties of expats who require health insurance outside their home country: A large number of insurance products to choose from, comparing price and value of the best health insurance options taking a lot of time and effort, biased advisors that only offer solutions that offer the largest financial reward to them, or outright incompetent insurance salespeople pitching one particular plan.

With the idea in mind that no individual should have to suffer through the same experience, the SIP Medical Family Office® was established the same year. Since that day, the SIP Medical Family Office® focuses on finding the best health insurance solutions for globally mobile people such as expatriates, frequent travellers, global citizens, or any individuals and families that do not want to compromise when it comes to the best protection of their health.

Inspired by the founder’s experience, our staff is dedicated to the idea of providing fully independent and transparent advice to find the best solution for everyone’s unique situation, to protect people from being overcharged, and to enable our clients to benefit from long-term, sustainable health protection.

As a trusted partner of the leading health insurance companies in the world, for over 25 years the SIP Medical Family Office® puts the interests of individuals and families first. Experiencing the challenges of our clients first-hand every day, we consider it our duty to closely work with insurers and medical providers to continuously improve solutions and services for our clients. 

In 2019, the company that was still known under its original name Swiss Insurance Partners launched its Medical Family Office (MFO), offering new and better ways to protect and manage our clients’ health in an increasingly biased health systems around the globe. The MFO is a unique concept that represents 100% dedication to an individual’s or family’s health. With a complete range of discrete services around your wellbeing, from International Health Insurance, to Privileged Healthcare services and Preventive Medicine, we make sure that your health is protected at any time. In 2021, the company was officially renamed from Swiss Insurance Partners to SIP Medical Family Office®.

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