Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

When planning for an upcoming trip, it is highly recommended to purchase adequate travel insurance. The right travel insurance will protect your health and finances if you face any medical emergencies or travel-related issues during your vacation or business trip. Secondly, obtaining a visa often requires you to provide proof of health insurance cover for the period of your stay. Having travel insurance that is widely known and accepted by embassies and consulates can avoid unnecessary administrative and time-consuming efforts.

The below standard travel insurance can be applied for and purchased very conveniently and entirely online within only a few minutes. If you are looking for more specific travel insurance options, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to assist you in finding the right product.

Suited for Every Situation

Leisure Travel Insurance

Comprehensive Travel Insurance for Longer Travels

The length of your vacation is a key factor in finding the right product. If it is only for several weeks, traditional travel insurance covering you for emergencies might be sufficient. If you are planning to travel for a longer period of time, it is recommended to select a product that also covers the cost of elective medical care. Purchase your policy online here with April International.

Single Business Travel Insurance

Emergency Travel Insurance for Short Travels

Are you planning your next trip and you looking for appropriate travel insurance? This travel insurance will only cover medical emergencies during the duration of your travel. For most travels up to one month, this medical coverage is sufficient. Optionally add non-medical cover (theft of baggage, personal accident, travel delay), or trip cancellation cover. Purchase your policy online here with Bupa Global.

Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Multi Trip Travel Policy

In case you have multiple trips every year, it is advisable to consider an annual multi trip travel insurance which will cover you during all your trips throughout a year, for up to 30 days per trip. The number of trips per year is unlimited. You can purchase a Bupa Annual Multi Trip travel insurance very conveniently online.

Corporate Travel Policy

Companies with employees that travel frequently are well-advised by setting up a corporate travel insurance policy. Employees can  register their trip online and are automatically covered during their travels. Corporate travel insurance policies also allow for significant cost reduction compared to individual travel policies.

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The SIP Medical Family Office® is a global leader in independent consulting for international medical insurance and health management, based in Zurich.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our health insurance consultation comes at no additional cost for you. We receive a commission from the insurance company for supporting you as a client. Your premium remains the same compared to directly contracting with the insurance company.

Most residents of developed countries are required by law to hold mandatory health insurance or are subject to a national health scheme. An International Health Insurance is a supplementary health insurance, and never replaces compulsory national health insurance.

The premium for an International Health Insurance depends mainly on your age, nationality and country of residence. Depending on your health condition, additional loadings may apply. We will tailor your International Health Insurance exactly to your needs to avoid unnecessary high premium payments. Coverage starts from a minimum annual premium of approximately $5’000.

Yes, with an International Health Insurance you are free to decide which specialist and/or doctor around the globe you receive consultation or treatment from. Treatment for some specific diseases (and the respective experts) are only available in certain areas of the world. In such cases it is key to be financially covered worldwide because of the risk of extremely high costs. Swiss Insurance Partners will assist you in finding the best specialists for your treatment

The SIP Medical Family Office® works with all major International Health Insurance providers around the globe and has over 20 years of experience in consulting you to choose the right insurer for your specific situation. In addition to that we help you in the interaction with the medical institution, doctor and the insurance company before, during and after your treatment. We organize a “Guarantee of payment” from the insurer and make sure your money is reimbursed.

International Health Insurance is generally designed for individuals which do not reside in their country of nationality. Some solutions can be made available also for individuals that do fulfill this requirement. Contact us to discuss your situation and we will find the best solution for your individual case.

Because healthcare costs in the USA are extremely high, some insurers offer the option to purchase International Health Insurance excluding the USA. If you exclude it from your cover your premium will be reduced, and you will only be eligible for emergency, but not elective, treatment in the USA. Important to know: Some treatments and medications are only available in the USA.

Already existing medical conditions must be assessed case by case. It further depends on whether they are currently under treatment or not. Discussing your case with various potential insurers, Swiss Insurance Partners always tries to find the option that helps you the most. However, severe pre-existing conditions can result in being rejected by an insurance company.

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