Find the Optimal International Health Insurance with SIP

Find the Optimal International Health Insurance with SIP

You live or work abroad for a longer period of time? Then you need an international private health insurance for you and your family as a full insurance for medical costs. An international health insurance is also known as International Private Medical Insurance, abbreviated IPMI. Whether you are a professional with an assignment abroad, an expatriate, a holidaymaker or a professional athlete – Swiss Insurance Partners (SIP) will find the tailor-made international health insurance for you for comprehensive health protection and insurance coverage in the event of an accident!

What is an international health insurance?

An international health insurance provides benefits in similar cases as the local health insurance in your home country:

  • for medical emergencies
  • during hospitalization following an accident or because of an operation
  • during diagnostic tests
  • at check-ups
  • during post-treatments

If you work abroad for a while or emigrate to a foreign country, you or your family may fall ill or have an accident. In addition, you should continue as usual with preventive medical check-ups, dental treatment, examinations during pregnancy or a visit to the ophthalmologist. In these cases, international health insurance will cover the costs of treatment abroad. IPMI differs in a number of crucial points from local health insurance with international coverage, which you usually take out before a holiday.

What is the difference between international health insurance and travel insurance?

When travelling abroad for private or business reasons, many travelers take out health insurance with international coverage. However, this travel insurance does not offer the same coverage as a private international health insurance. Here is a list of the main differences:

International Health Insurance   Travel insurance with foreign coverage
Worldwide validity Valid in the country of destination only
High coverage Lower sum insured
Free choice of doctor Doctor not freely selectable
Free hospitalization No free choice of hospital
Including rehabilitation measures No rehabilitation measures included
Graduation also possible from abroad Conclusion only possible in the home country before the start of the journey
Validity 1 year with automatic renewal Often only valid during the journey
Annual insurance premium Single insurance premium

Since private international health insurance offers more comprehensive coverage than travel insurance, the insurance premium is higher. In return, the insured persons receive worldwide insurance cover with numerous additional benefits. By comparing all offers on the market, SIP selects the most favorable tariff with the best services for you!

What does IPMI cost?

The cost of private international health insurance depends on these factors:

  • Age of the insured person
  • Current state of health at the time the insurance is taken out
  • Scope of the insurance cover
  • Amount of the deductible
  • Number and location of countries covered

Because of the different factors and the individual insurance coverage, the costs for an international health insurance are between about 5.000-50.000 USD per year. If you want to insure your family, we are looking for offers that include the spouse and children. As experienced brokers, we are happy to help you choose the best possible insurance with the best value for money. Our advice and all other services are free of charge, as we are directly remunerated by the insurance companies.

For whom is an international health insurance worthwhile?

International health insurance is particularly worthwhile for these groups of people:

  • Global Citizens with multiple residences worldwide
  • Emigrants
  • Expats
  • Internationally active business people
  • Companies with employees abroad
  • Professional athletes
  • Long-term holidaymakers and frequent travelers

If you take out an international health insurance with SIP, you benefit from exclusive health protection and a worldwide valid accident insurance. You are free to choose both the attending physician and the hospital and will be treated on the private ward of the chosen clinic. If you wish to consult a specialist, IPMI will cover the costs of the most advanced medical treatments worldwide.

You receive round-the-clock telephone or online support in several languages. This facilitates communication with the doctor and nursing staff and ensures the best possible treatment. In the event of an accident or acute illness, the insurance provides immediate assistance including evacuation and repatriation. A particular advantage of international health insurance is that you can take the insurance with you when you move to another country. Thus, there is no risk of exclusion for you and your family in case of existing pre-existing illnesses. The insurance cover continues to run as usual even if you have a pre-existing illness.

How does a broker help to choose the right insurance?

The range of international health insurance policies is large and can quickly become confusing. As long-standing brokers, the experienced employees of SIP have an overview of the various offers on the market. We will put together a tailor-made insurance for you with the best price-performance ratio. In doing so, we also take into account special features, such as expats who live in Switzerland for half a year and in only one foreign country for half a year. For these insured persons, one cover for two countries is sufficient. However, if you work or live in several countries, the private international health insurance should provide global coverage.

What additional services does a broker offer?

In addition to the choice of the optimal insurance, SIP, as an experienced broker, offers you numerous other services, which, like our detailed consultation, are free of charge for you. You benefit from our more than 20 years of experience and our good contacts to the most important providers of international health insurance worldwide. We offer you the following free additional services:

  • You will have a central contact point for all matters relating to international health insurance. We can advise you on all aspects of life, which of course includes the whole family.
  • We check numerous offers and draw up an insurance plan tailored to your needs and budget.
  • We support you in the worldwide search for the optimal hospital and the best specialists for your treatment.
  • Our included claims service takes care of the reimbursement of the medical expenses you have incurred. You send us the invoices and we take care of the prompt reimbursement to you.
  • We reliably and professionally take over the entire administrative work in connection with insurance providers, doctors and clinics for you! This means time and administrative relief for you, while at the same time providing you with optimum security!