Medical Emergency Card

SIP Medical Emergency Card

The lack of information about a patient’s medical history and conditions is one of the main reasons for delays, malpractice, and unfavorable outcomes in emergency situations. With the SIP Medical Emergency Card, you can be sure that life-saving information can be accessed in the shortest time possible – anytime and anywhere. 

Independent of your age, making emergency information accessible to first responders is key to receiving the best care in the fastest possible manner.

  • Adults: No matter if because of an accident, an emergency medical condition, or in an acute situation. Having access to your medical information can decide between life and death in a critical situation.
  • Children: If your child is missing or experiences an accident, the SIP Medical Emergency Card carries the details of the ones to contact when assistance is needed.
  • Senior Citizens: Ensure your most important medical information is centralized and accessible to emergency support and medical practitioners at any time. Avoid forgetting or missing to share crucial information when seeing a doctor.
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Key Benefits of SIP Medical Emergency Card

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Medical Information

Registration of medical conditions, required medication, blood type, allergies, drug incompatibility, and much more

Emergency Contacts

Registration of private personal, insurance provider, and assistance emergency contacts

International Suitability

Fast accessibility for first responders globally and automatic suggestion of local medical emergency number

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Notification each time the emergency data is accessed

Full Privacy

Data ownership and on-device 2-factor authentication to protect against unauthorized access

Worldclass Solution

More comprehensive and effective than any other emergency profile solution, such as with Apple or Android

Medical Emergency Card

120 EUR p.a.
  • Store all essential medical emergency information
  • Register your emergency contacts
  • International suitability
  • Full privacy and tranparency
  • Woldwide local emergency numbers
  • Most comprehensive and effective solution available

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