Medical Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Zacharowski

Director, Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine & Pain Therapy, University Hospital Frankfurt

Specialist for Anaesthesia, Intensive Care Medicine & Clinical Pharmacology

Dr. Francis Meier

Head of Emergency Care Department, LaTour Hospital, Geneva

Specialist in General Internal Medicine and hospital-based Emergency Care (Swiss Society of Emergency and Rescue Medicine - SSERM)

Dr. Roger Gablinger

Founder, Uroviva Private Clinics and Mediquai Clinic, Zurich

Specialist for bladder tumours, ro-oncological surgery, Reconstructive Urology

Dr. Andreas Brauchlin

Founder, Swiss Medical Center (SMC), Zurich

Specialist for Cardiology and Internal Medicine

Dr. Andreas Krüger

Orthopaedic surgery and Traumatology, Private Practice, Zurich

Specialist for knee surgery, shoulder surgery, Sport Traumatology

Dr. med. Wojciech Maciejewski

Former Chief Resident for Dermatology, Private Practice, Munich

Specialist for Dermatology, Dermatohistopathology, venereal diseases

PD Dr. med. et scient. med. Michael Knauer

Co-Founder and Partner, Breast Center Eastern Switzerland (Brustzentrum Ostschweiz)

Specialist for Senology / Breast Medicine, visceral surgery

Dr. John van Limburg Stirum

Founder, Seegarten Klinik, Zurich

Specialist for Holistic Medicine

Prof. Dr. Roland Böni

Founder, White House Center for Liposuction, Zurich

Specialist for Liposuction

Health Advocate

Karim Chubin

Health Advocate, Geneva

Certified Healthcare Practitioner, Functional Medicine and Longevity Specialist

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