Mission, Vision and Principles

Protecting Your Health.

Our Vision

We work towards becoming the world’s leading firms in high-end International Private Medical Insurance advisory and intermediation. We evolve the traditional brokerage model as the foundation of our firm dating back to 1997 by creating a seamless experience and health-related added-value services. What differentiates us is our highest quality of service and unique medical concierge services. SIP Medical Family Office is committed to protecting what is people’s real wealth: their health.

This vision is embodied in our motto: Protecting Your Health. Since 1997.

Our Principles

To ensure that we satisfy the high expectations of our clients and of ourselves, we are guided by three principles as the basis of how we work:

• Everything we do is based on honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standards
• We always find the best solutions through a rigorous professional approach, committing to do everything in our power to help others
• We are always there to support our client's health and wellbeing

Our Partners