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When it comes to appoint a person to make decisions about our health in case we are no longer capable to act – say after an accident – most people chose a close relative: the spouse, one of the children, or a parent. In most cases, this person has no medical knowledge to make a profound and medically competent decision about treatment options and location of treatment. More concerning even is that this person is often under high emotional stress.

This is why we have introduced the SIP Patient GuardianshipTM. With the SIP Healthcare Directive you appoint the SIP Medical Family Office® as an organization to be your Patient Guardian and to coordinate treatment, and to decide on the best medical facility, and interact with the treating doctors and of course your relatives. We safely store a copy of your Healthcare Directive and provide you with an emergency card for your wallet that will inform medical professionals about your will.

In critical situations, SIP will coordinate with an independent medical expert who does not have any financial interests when it comes to deciding on treatment choices as well as supervising interventions to avoid medical errors. This regularly leads to better outcomes for the patient and very often also less costs. Such professional management also ensures the best available options are taken into consideration, which regularly leads to better decisions compared to your relatives or your family doctor, who may of course want to do their best but may not actually have sufficient knowledge or access.

With the SIP Patient GuardianshipTM you secure for yourself and your family a professional solution for medical treatment management in case you are unable to decide yourself. For a modest annual fee SIP stores your personal Healthcare Directive, keeps your medical records up-to-date and centrally stored, and can intervene in cases of emergency to ensure the best possible treatment.

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Medical Record Management

CHF 2'500 per year
  • Retrieve your medical records in short time
  • Worldwide access to your medical history
  • Centralized secure storage of all of your critical health data
  • Translation of documents where required
  • House-keeping of your structured file and keeping it updated at all times

Medical History Review

CHF 5'000 one-time fee
  • One-page summary of your complete medical history
  • Translation of documents where required
  • Reviewed from experienced senior physician
  • provides condensed overview for any phsician
  • Lists all your medical risk factors such as adverse reactions on drugs

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