The Relevance of International Health Insurance (IPMI)

The Relevance of International Health Insurance (IPMI)

Health insurance worldwide? Is that possible?

With an international health insurance you are well covered almost everywhere in the world.

An international health insurance, also known as International Private Medical Insurance, or IPMI for short, is primarily aimed at people who leave their home country temporarily or permanently and move abroad.

For people like expats, cosmopolitans, emigrants and private individuals who go abroad to work and live, international health insurance coverage is very important. IPMI offers adequate insurance cover for the entire duration of their stay in places around the world.

The IPMI – The health insurance for the cosmopolitan.

Whatever your reasons for living abroad, satisfactory health care is important. A worldwide operating health insurance offers cosmopolitans an indispensable individual all-round package.

With the conclusion of an International Private Medical Insurance, or IPMI for short, the policyholder and his family members are covered in all medical matters.

Depending on the chosen insurance tariff, the insured is entitled to a wide range of benefits similar to the standard of his home country.

The benefits of an international health insurance are convincing.

IPMI offers the benefits and comprehensive medical protection you are familiar with from your health insurance in your home country.

The international medical network guarantees the best possible care even in countries with lower medical standards than in the home country.

IPMI clients are entitled to medical services of all kinds, from preventive or follow-up examinations, pregnancy, vaccinations to dental services.

Foreign health insurance versus international health insurance. What are the differences?

Is the length of stay limited in time?

The international health insurance is suitable for people who stay abroad for an unlimited period of time.

The foreign health insurance, on the other hand, is taken out for a stay abroad that is exclusively limited in time.

What are the closing modalities?

The conclusion of the international health insurance is made before the start of the trip for the entire duration of the trip.

The international health insurance can be taken out flexibly even after the start of the trip and is valid for life.

Is proof of health required?

As a rule, the international health insurance does not require proof of health.

A health status check is the rule before taking out international health insurance. It is often sufficient to fill out a questionnaire with questions about the health situation. If the applicant is older than 60 years, a medical certificate must be presented, depending on the directive of the insurance company.

What is the scope of the insurance cover?

The international health insurance only covers the medical risks that may occur during a temporary stay abroad. It only covers the cost of treatment and the cost of necessary medication in the event of illness or injury. As soon as the patient is fit to travel, he or she will be transported back to his or her home country.

International health insurance offers comprehensive protection for the insured. The range of benefits corresponds to that of “normal” health insurance at home. The spectrum includes the free choice of doctor and hospital. Depending on the tariff, preventive medical check-ups and vaccinations up to the guarantee of dental prostheses are included in the insurance cover.

Are there differences in the duration of the insurance?

The conclusion of an international health insurance policy is not subject to a time frame. In contrast to international health insurance, the contract period is unlimited. The term of an international health insurance is usually limited from one to a maximum of five years.

Is an extension of the insurance cover possible?

If the case of an unplanned extension of the stay occurs, the adjustment of an international health insurance is not realizable.

This is not a problem for international health insurance. The modalities of an IPMI can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the client.

What does an international health insurance cost?

Which tariff is suitable for me?

Which insurance tariff suits you best depends on several factors. The country of entry in which you will live is taken into account when determining the premium.

The amount of the premium is calculated taking into account and analysing the various individual factors and the selected scope of benefits.

At the time of conclusion, age, current state of health and individual needs influence the tariff. In addition, an insurance contract with a deductible affects the level of the insurance tariff.

Contact an independent advisor from Swiss Insurance Partners for a personal consultation. Your advisor will answer your questions in detail. He will determine your needs, compare the offers and make a sound recommendation.

Expatriates who want to prove themselves professionally abroad at a young age can take out an international health insurance policy at the most favourable rate from around 70 euros per month.

Good reasons to choose an independent broker from Swiss Insurance Partners.

There are countless international health insurance companies. Which one is right for you? This question can only be answered in detail and competently by a proven expert in this field.

The terms and conditions of international insurance companies are extremely complex in detail and are often vague. The important details can be found in the small print, which an uninitiated person often overlooks.

Consistent and continuous market research enables the brokers of Swiss Insurance Partners to offer you the current rates of the most renowned insurance companies worldwide.

The tariffs are difficult for a non-expert to understand. This is why partners like Swiss Insurance Partners work for you to bring clarity to the difficult insurance modalities.

Our brokers are not bound to any insurance company. They act independently and are guided exclusively by the requirements of their clients when choosing the optimal insurance tariff.

The broker selects the perfect insurer with the best price-performance ratio for his client from the Swiss Insurance Partners portfolio. The insurance plan is closely aligned with the budget and the client’s requirements.

Your consultant knows the country and tariff regulations of the providers exactly. As a rule, an international health insurance with a two-country tariff level is recommended. The worldwide insurance is inclusive or exclusive of a health insurance in the USA. Because of the relatively high costs in the health care system, the USA becomes a special case of the broker in the rate determination.

The brokers of Swiss Insurance Partners are the central point of contact and are at the service of the client around the clock. They take care of choosing the best doctors and clinics for your treatment. The hands-off claims service ensures that claims are settled smoothly and that advance payments are reimbursed promptly.

Your broker from Swiss Insurance Partners will take over the entire administrative costs. This gives you more time for the important things in life.

The services of Swiss Insurance Partners are available to the policyholder completely free of charge.

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