The Three Best Student Health Insurance Solutions

Studying abroad is an unforgettable experience for most people. Whether it may be at a boarding school, as an exchange student for several weeks or months, as an undergraduate studying a whole semester abroad, or a graduate studying for his or her Master’s degree, Ph.D., or similar in a foreign country. The least you want to be bothered with during this adventure is your health insurance or complications if you need to visit a doctor or need to be hospitalized. This is why we have prepared for you a list of the best three student insurances with which you will have peace of mind during your stay abroad.

The Benefit of Subscribing via SIP Medical Family Office

The costs for student, travel, or expat insurance will always be precisely the same whether you subscribe directly at an insurance company or through an advisor such as Swiss Insurance Partners. However, if you subscribe through an advisor, you will be consulted by specialists with several years of experience with these insurance products. Most of the time, on paper, all student, travel, or expat health insurance products look very appealing. However, one can only judge if a product and insurance company actually delivers on their promises after several years of experience with these health insurance solutions.

Additionally, SIP will be there to assist you anytime in case you have questions or problems arise in your communication with the insurance company.

The Three Best Student Insurance Options

#1 Swisscare Student Health Insurance

The company swisscare has designed health insurance options that are fully digital and approved and accepted at every school and university throughout Europe. Finding the right insurance option with them is made easy because you are automatically guided to the right product upon entering the country abroad where you will study. Freely select the duration of your studies, enter the country where your future temporary school is located and get the most competitive prices. You can choose between three levels of coverage, ranging from Standard to Comfort to Premium. All options will cover you for medical expenses, luggage, third-party liability, and medical assistance.

You can quote and purchase swisscare student insurance online. And afterward, you can download the swisscare app, which will help you use the policy when required. Because everything is digital and tailored to a student’s needs, swisscare offers by far the lowest prices for their student insurance options. The Standard option is available from € 17 per month.


#2 April International Student Health Insurance

The French health insurance company has two highly recommended student insurance offerings: The MyStudies Cover and the Expat Student policy.

  • The Expat Student product is an insurance solution for more extended study exchanges between 12 months and 6 years. The policy is valid worldwide and includes cover for medical expenses, repatriation assistance, personal liability, tuition insurance, etc. This policy is also recommended for researchers and au pairs and can be continued for up to the age of 40.
  • On the other side, the My Studies product is for short stays of up to 12 months. The benefits cover your medical expenses, repatriation assistance, personal liability, and baggage loss.

Also, the offering from April International is fully digitalized and thus perfect for the young generation. April international offers a slightly more comprehensive student insurance package, which can also be seen in the price. Policies start from around € 42 per month. If you follow this link, you can subscribe to April’s student insurance online.


#3 Allianz Care Student Health Insurance

Allianz is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. It is no surprise that they also offer interesting health insurance solutions for students studying abroad only for several months or even several years. With Allianz Care, you have more flexibility in tailoring your student insurance according to your needs – making sure that everything that brings you peace of mind is covered under the policy. The hospital insurance module is the core and foundation of the product. You are then free to add a range of additional options to your coverage. This includes:

  • Outpatient medical protection, which is covering you for medical costs occurring when visiting a doctor without having to be admitted to the hospital. This usually includes the day-to-day things such as visiting a general practitioner to receive medication that is only available upon subscription.
  • Dental coverage, which will cover the costs when visiting a dentist abroad. Here it is important to have a detailed look at the list of insured benefits. Dental modules are typically rather expensive, and there is a limit to the refunded amounts per treatment that must be observed. Whereas routine visits with tooth cleaning might be included, orthodontic work might not be covered.
  • Evacuation and repatriation, which is getting important in case of any severe emergencies. Medical transportation (whether this might be by ambulance or by air-ambulance) is very expensive. Costs accumulate very quickly to EUR 15’000 and more.

The freedom to have this flexibility comes with additional costs. An Allianz Care student health insurance can be bought from € 69 per month. However, the comprehensive insured benefits might make up for this price difference.