The Benefits of Having Travel Insurance

Nowadays, travel insurance has become an essential part of one’s travel plans. With a Global Pandemic curtailing many travelers from taking that long-awaited holiday or business trip, travel insurance could be a lifesaver, literally. Travel Insurance will act as security for any unexpected medical expenses and protect the traveler from more common experiences such as losing one’s passport or having an item stolen from them such as a handbag. And there are many more benefits to having Travel Insurance. In this article, we cover the most straightforward ones.


Mandatory Requirement for Visa or Travel Allowance

In some countries in the world, having travel insurance is mandatory. Most of the time, this would be highlighted through the visa process; however, if you do not require a visa to enter a particular country, check the entry requirements before traveling. Currently, everyone entering Thailand requires to prove evidence of having health insurance which also covers COVID-19 related expenses for no less than $ 100’000. In this particular case, travel insurance alone will not be sufficient to receive the visa. A fully-fledged international health insurance must be purchased and handed in with the application for the Thai visa.


Financial Security for Medical Emergencies During Your Travels

Despite how well one can plan a holiday, there can never be a certainty that everything will go to plan. When traveling in a foreign country, where one might not know the local language or have any connection, Travel Insurance offers peace of mind should something go wrong. Incurring a medical emergency whilst abroad could cause undue financial stress, and a family holiday could turn into a traumatic experience. Therefore, travel insurance is a must, as it covers the policyholder for any medical emergency.


Coverage of Personal Liability and Third Party Liability

Sometimes an emergency could not involve the policyholder but a third party – person or property. When purchasing travel insurance, be sure to check whether it includes a ‘Personal Liability’ clause. This clause would ensure that the insurance company would cover the expenses for third-party damages. An example could be that you rent a bike or quat to explore a beautiful Greek island. Unfortunately, you crash with a car. The accumulated damage to your own and the other person’s vehicle can quickly exceed several thousand dollars.


Other Non-Medical Travel Emergencies are Covered With the Right Insurance Policy

Travel Insurance is essential when planning that family holiday or business trip. It can cover many aspects of your trip. We have listed a few scenarios where-by travel Insurance will be useful:

  • Travel insurance will cover costs related to stolen credit cards or cash.
  • Travel insurance will cover any costs to replace a passport or travel documentation.
  • Travel insurance will cover if you have any items stolen from your luggage.
  • Travel insurance will cover if your luggage is missing for more than 12 hours, you will need some new clothes, travel insurance will cover the costs.
  • Travel insurance will cover accommodation and food costs for a flight delay.


Customer Support is Key

Language barriers or geographical locations are usually the two of the main difficulties travelers face when facing a medical emergency. Having travel insurance that offers 24/7 customer support could be the key to breaking language barriers or reaching a secure location for adequate treatment. Travel Insurance is an assurance of immediate assistance for whichever reason, be it a medical emergency, misplaced or stolen documents. The customer support team would be on hand to work with the local providers to ensure you receive the right care or guidance when it truly matters.

All the above are subject to restrictions and exclusions. Please be sure to read your travel benefits before purchase.