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For international students that plan to study abroad in Europe, Swisscare offers the most attractive student health insurance options. Swisscare’s student insurance policies are well-known across all student hubs in Europe and are accepted by all colleges, universities, board schools, and language schools.

The handling of the insurance policy is completely digitalized. With Swisscare’s app, you will have your insurance card with you at all times and you can conveniently upload all your medical invoices through the mobile application.

Despite the General Exclusion for epidemics and pandemics, Swisscare also covers medical costs related to COVID-19 up to a maximum of € 50’000 per policy.

Destinations with Special Student Health Insurance Requirements

Accepted in every canton of Switzerland, this health insurance meets the Swiss international student insurance requirement. You are entitled to benefit from all Swiss federal mandatory health insurance benefits KVG / LAMAL. Purchase this international student health insurance for Switzerland online.

This health insurance meets the requirement for foreign students in Germany. It is compliant with the German Insurance Contract Act (VVG). The health insurance package includes 24/7 assistance service, repatriation, and more. Purchase international student health insurance for Germany online.

Foreign students in Czech Republic can fulfill the health insurance requirement with this package. The health insurance covers the medically necessary treatments in case of illness and accidents, includes 24/7 assistance, as well as emergency medical transportation.
Purchase international student health insurance for Czech Republic online.

This health insurance option meets the Lithuanian student insurance requirement. The health insurance covers you for the medically necessary treatments in case of illness and accidents. 24/7 assistance, search and rescue, and repatriation to your home country are included. Purchase international student health insurance for Lithuania online.

Further Information about this International Student Insurance

Swisscare offers the three tarif levels Standard, Comfort, and Premium. The main difference between these levels of coverage is the overall limit of your health insurance policy per event. The Standard package is limited at € 50’000, the Comfort level is limited at € 150’000, and the Premium tarif is limited at € 500’000. For all students studying in Europe we recommend Comfort or Premium.

The insurance policies of Swisscare are designed for a student, intern, au pair, academic, researcher or a member of his/her family
(spouse children) who is studying in the EU/EEA or an EU/EEA resident who is studying abroad for a temporary duration. It is important to know that the maximum age for the policy is 59 years, and that USA and Canada terretories are not covered by this policy.

Please find all the relevant documents for this international student health insurance policy by clicking the link. Please apply online, or get in touch with us for any special requests or further questions.

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