How an advisor can help you to get the most of your International Health Insurance

How an advisor can help you to get the most of your International Health Insurance

Even though the benefits of having an independent advisor has been an integral element for every corporate insurance program since decades, the concept is not yet very well known by private clients. Unfortunately, due to that very often individuals are confronted with unpleasant surprises once they actually want and need to take advantage of insurance benefits. Especially in the international health insurance sector, this can have serious health and financial consequences for individuals and families.

The obvious benefit and reason for most individuals to involve and consult an advisor is to seek for expert advice in a complex subject area. There are several dozens of international health insurance plans and options available. For an individual who is confronted with choosing the right plan once or twice in a lifetime, it is very cumbersome and time consuming to compare all insurance carriers and their different options for their benefits and prices. An advisor like Swiss Insurance Partners on the other hand, deals with all available insurance companies and insurance plans on a daily basis, and therefore has in-depth knowledge about which plans match an individual’s needs and budget. Furthermore, when it comes to health insurance, it is of highest importance to choose a solution that can ensure long-term continuity and best in class service worldwide. Assessing the service quality of an insurer requires years of experience. Here again, an independent advisor can help.

However, many advisors in fact are agents of a particular insurance company, meaning that they will only advise on the health insurance plans of this insurance company. This leaves out most of the spectrum of available options and thus might miss out on the best solution for you. An independent advisor is free of obligations towards any particular insurer and will compare all available products to find the truly best solution for your needs.

In addition, a good advisor not only facilitates the right insurance solution but also accompanies you throughout the lifecycle of the insurance: When you plan a medical treatment, file a claim for reimbursement, renew your annual policy or require support to understand the possibilities you have with your international health insurance. It comes down to very crucial events such as finding the right clinic and doctor, receiving the money back in reasonable time or not overpaying for your solution. Swiss Insurance Partners represents your interests with its unique network, expertise, and knowledge. Especially when it comes to your health, finding the right specialist can have a serious impact on the result of a treatment and your recovery – physically, time-wise and financially. When starting a treatment, you should be well informed about your full coverage and what you might still need to pay out of your own pocket.

At Swiss Insurance Partners, you do not pay any separate fees for the service: Not for the placement of the policy, nor for the support during the lifetime of the international health insurance cover. Swiss Insurance Partners is paid by the insurance company directly for its service to its policyholders. Involving an independent agent to find the right solution therefore has no influence on the premium paid. Advisors have a direct link to the insurance companies with the same rates you would receive when directly purchasing a health plan at the insurer. At times, a broker might even be able to achieve a reduction of premium for the insured person due to their stronger negotiation power. With that, you can decide which services of an advisor you want to take advantage of. If desired, it is even possible for you to directly deal with the insurer as an individual and only reach out for the support of your broker during complications and when you need support with handling your claims or for selecting the best doctors or hospitals.

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