I piani di assicurazione sanitaria internazionale offrono una copertura medica completa per coloro che vivono o lavorano al di fuori del loro Paese d’origine. Possiamo predisporre una protezione medica e infortunistica su misura per ogni situazione, sia che si tratti di un cambio di residenza permanente o di un incarico all’estero, per i vostri ospiti internazionali, per un viaggio di breve durata o durante lo svolgimento di attività sportive professionali. 

Adatto ad ogni esigenza

Get More out of International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance

allows you to benefit from:

  • Exclusive worldwide medical and accident insurance
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals, worldwide
  • Access to the best and most advanced medical treatments
  • No risk of exclusion of existing pre-conditions when moving to another country
  • Private ward handling, worldwide
  • Multilingual support 24/7
  • Emergency assistance including evacuation and repatriation


The SIP Medical Family Office

adds further services at no cost:

  • Single point of contact for all of your health insurance needs
  • Independant advice on finding the right insurance plan for your budget and needs among dozens of options
  • Worldwide assistance on chosing the best clinics and specialists for your treatments
  •  Hands-off claims service – send us your invoices, we get you reimbursed
  • Save time and energy as we take over all administrative burden when dealing with medical providers & insurance companies


Best Possible Health Protection for You and Your Family

We Are the Leading Experts in International Health Insurance and Health Management - Since 1997.


The SIP Medical Family Office® is a global leader in independent consulting for international medical insurance and health management, based in Zurich.

For over 20 years, individuals, families and companies have been relying on our expertise and experience.

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